Mood Boards | Inspiration + Purpose

We all have visions of our big day. The dress we’ll wear. The bouquet we’ll hold. The elegant details accentuating every corner and space of our venue and imagination. However, often times visualizing all of these components together can be difficult. So, what do we in the wedding industry suggest? Mood board!

Whether our client prefers we craft one digitally or physically, the purpose of it remains the same - offering it’s creator (the fabulous bride to be!) a place where she can conceptualize her big day in one singular point of focus. And today, we’re going to give you some of our favorite tips on how we create your own!

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Elopement Inspiration

First thing is first, I determine on what platform the mood board will exists. This can be something digital (pinterest, powerpoint, photoshop are all spectacular options) or something more tangible like magazine photos on a canvas or just a basic poster board.. my preference is just a good ole Elmer's poster board.

Once I've the medium chosen, it's time to find a starting point. The beauty of mood boards is that there is no one correct place to begin. Each client will have different launch points from which I will dive into the planning process. Perhaps our client only knows what theme they want the big day to have. Or, maybe they have a particular color palette in mind. Each of these (and more!) are perfect centerpieces around which you can envision and conceptualize. From here, I will pin or print out pictures that are in relation to palette inspo, particular flowers the bride loves, prints or textures that remind me of the event theme.

A fun fact about mood boards - inspiration and images don’t have to be strictly wedding related. Maybe there’s a quote that inspires you. Maybe a certain picture you found that encompasses some feel you want your wedding to have. Look at magazines, Pinterest, at DIY videos on youtube. At this point, print, cut, and lay out anything that inspires!

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Utilize all of these images before you to narrow down on fragments that make you feel something for your event/wedding: table decor, bridesmaid dresses, cakes.. just to name a few. As pretty as I may think a photo is, if I look at it a second time and don't feel something - it's thrown out.

At the end of it all, ideas and photos are arranged into one finalized product. Once I have this, I am able to do the fun part - go out to our clients + vendors and utilize the mood board as a tool to make dreams a reality.

~ Happy creating!