New Year's Wedding in Goldsboro, NC

True love - it is neither predictable nor stoppable. When Cara and Kyle’s relationship began, they were practically worlds apart. He was a Captain in the Army, serving in Hawaii. She was a hairstylist set up in Wilmington, North Carolina, with her daughter. Although not the most advantageous start, they were able to make it work. Facetime calls became flights. Uncertainties faded away. And in almost no time at all, it was clear to everyone that the two were absolutely made for each other. We at The Gathering Co couldn’t have been happier. Not only because we adore weddings - of course! -) but because Cara + Kyle have such an inspiring story.

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Weddings are always special here at The Gathering Co., but family affairs are an experience all on their own!

You could say they kept it close-knit. Kyle’s brother Ethan, of ETHAN GASKILL PHOTOGRAPHY, captured every splendid moment. CAITLYN WEEKS hosted - entertaining the cozy, rustic affair at her venue THE GRANTHAM HOUSE. THE GATHERING CO, ME!, took care of designing, styling, planning, and coordinating. MELINDA KEENER, our honorary sibling, did makeup and hair. The bonus mom, DONNA NARRON, used her baking talents for the cake. Blake of PROVISION FILMS did the videography, while also attending as a close friend. Not to mention the beloved brother-in-law (and pastor!), DANIEL WEEKS, officiated.

The date was set with 6 weeks to go - New Years Day.


Although this day may be unconventional to some, it fit Cara + Kyle perfectly, as they are nothing but ordinary. They are a meteorite: beautiful, blazing, and deserving of the whole New Year (with many, many more to come!) Of course, we only had to hope N.C. agreed. After all, we’re nothing, if not a little, unpredictable here in the southeast, where snow + sun blend together in a matter of days. Needless to say, it was FREEZING (19 degrees to be exact). Of course, right? But no matter. There was enough love in The Grantham House that day to warm anyone. Even with it partially being outdoors, the day was positively magical. Of course, we like to think our provided blankets + spiked cider helped a bit - not to mention we were able to quickly retreat into a heated tent. PRAISE.


Here, I had an intimate gathering set-up, filled with fresh flowers, great drink, + a heck of a good time. The party drank + mingled the day away, huddled away in the cozy tent of course.

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5O9A7222 (1).jpg

And at the end of the night, when Cara and Kyle made their grand exit through the gallant and beautifully rustic, venue walkway, we - and all those supporting the happy couple - knew we’d just played witness to something completely magical. The joy on their faces brought me that overwhelming "this is what you're made for" feeling + I couldn't have been happier for them. It was an honor for us, at The Gathering Co., to be a witness to such a joyous, momentous occasion. Thank you so much, Cara and Kyle, for allowing us to take on your wedding, + may you have the happiest rest of your lives together. 


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