A Ray of Sunshine | Mock Engagement Shoot

Funny how I say "A Ray of Sunshine" when clearly we enjoyed this shoot in the moodiest of Boone weather this past weekend. BUT, if only you knew these two - they are the brightest rays of sunshine. In fact, Jessica is nicknamed sunshine by all that meet her, because of the light that she brings to any conversation, room, or work of art. 

We've known Sunshine + Trey for a bit now and could NOT be happier to call them friends. Unfortunately for us, they embarked on their own adventure + migrated from the "big" city of Raleigh to the beautiful mountains of Boone - so naturally, my husband and I jumped in a car + headed their way.


Grabbing a large cup of coffee, we yawned ourselves out the door (after saying a hard goodbye to our pups.... that we'd see that same night. I know - pathetic.) A quick nap + Harry Potter movie later, we were there! First thing first - FOOD! We decided to grab some lunch at The Red Onion Cafe and hit up a few classic Boonie stores - AH, I'm in love with this little town! A couple of our favorite spots to explore: Espresso News Coffee + ANTIQUES shop. I hit the jackpot with these 1940's Victorian Rose dishes + then we headed back to their little Val Haller to drink some good wine + gear up for the shoot. 

Thank you Pinterest, for providing a photo when i couldn't (; aren't they gorgeous? i can't wait!

Thank you Pinterest, for providing a photo when i couldn't (; aren't they gorgeous? i can't wait!


Success! With the fog rolling in + the air misting about, it created the perfect ambiance for this specific shoot. Our goal was to create a surprise + intimate engagement scene for these two unique personalities. Gathering the leaves around us + playing in the valley behind their sweet humble abode, to be surprised by a sweet promise + the question of forever. It may have been a mock shoot, but the love + magic these two brought, made it a dream come true.  


After gawking at the beauty that just happened, we finished up the day at our ULTIMATE favorite dinner spot - Coyote Kitchen. (Vegan, me, + Carnivour, hubs, friendly).

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!